Activities of the Community

_MG_6718-1The Catholic African Community offers room for a colorful and diverse co-existence with one another.  We want to build together, a “good Christian home” and good Relationships. The families are particularly of great importance.  The family is the nucleus of life and faith.  This is the reason the Second Vatican Council calls her “the First Church or the Little Church”. The children learn basic trust in the family. They experience daily God’s love in the familiar community of loving people. The parents on their own discover in the affection that their children show them the depth of God’s love to his people.

The Community has special Programmes for children, families, pilgrimage groups, women, and students.


  • Holy masses with child-friendly elements are celebrated for children during festive periods like Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost. The children participate actively in the holy mass through singing, dancing or by participating in the gospel narratives.
  • Special masses/prayers are offered at the important stages of their lives for example, mass with the blessing of school bags at the beginning of the new academic year/session, Post First Holy Communion party, whereby the first holy Communion children take up services like reading and serving at mass.


  • During the Lenten period and the period preceding Pentecost, we embark on family visitations, during which we sing and pray with the family visited. The visit also affords us the opportunity to engage the family in bible study as well as in discussions concerning their special needs. Such visits could be requested at any time through the parish office.


  • The Catholic Women Organization of our chaplaincy was officially inaugurated on May 8 2015. They distinguish themselves at special community occasions by appearing on their common uniform.
  • The impact of the women group of our chaplaincy in our community is immeasurable. They participate actively in the community life of our chaplaincy. They help in the preparation and celebration of our feasts.


  • The Community organizes breakfast at the beginning of every semester for all African students studying in and around Augsburg.  This is to help us know ourselves and build stronger ties with one another.


Other activities and groups in our community include:

Choir of the chaplaincy/community

  •  The choir is still very young with about 10 adults and children. Songs from Africa, Germany and other parts of the world are sung. We also play drums and other traditional instruments.

Networking with the African unions

  • The Catholic African Community is committed to the promotion of African culture. That is why she is open to all African unions and groups in Augsburg.
  • This is done through participation in the preparation and celebration of African festivals or cultural events, such as “The African Week” organized yearly by the Werkstatt Solidarische Welt e.V and Weltladen GmbH Augsburg.
  • Other events such as feasts, days of sports or exhibition of artworks augment the activities of the chaplaincy/community.
    All these events, their schedules and venues could be found in our annual programme.