Tuesday and Thursday:  9.00 – 15.00 Uhr
Friday: 9.00 – 12.30 Uhr
Telephone: 0821/444034-20
Telefax: 0821/444034-30
E-Mail: info@katholische-afrikanische-gemeinde-augsburg.de

Holy Mass

Holy Mass: Every Sunday at 2:00 pm at St. Wolfhard,  “Thaddäus-Zentrum”.
Opportunity for Confession:  before the Holy Mass, also possible by appointment.


Opening Ceremony of the community 2014

I was born in Kenya but I live and work in Augsburg now. I remain in contact with my homeland through this community.

Maureen Kenya

I do not know any better work than a sacristian.

Toussaint Congo

I live around this place, hence I come to mass most times with my children.

Tanja Germany

All my grand children are baptized in our mother tongue Swahili in this community.

Josefin Kenya

I am a catholic and an African. I meet with other youths who have the same problems and needs like myself in this community.

Janett Kenya

We wear our traditional wears to Sunday mass and through this we showcase where our origin and we are coming from.

Marylin Cameroon

At which Eucharistic celebration should one dance? It is normal for us.

Glecy Cameroon

I will gladly continue to help when the community members need help at the Administrative offices or are having problems with the German language.

Iris Germany

We play most times after the mass with one another.

Stefany and Everton

I have been in the choir since one and half years now. It is wonderful to participate actively at mass.

Shandra Cameroon

I can go to confession here in my local/national language. It is better for me than in German.

Oge Nigeria

Candida grew up here in Germany. She experiences and enjoys the culture of her parents in the community.

Candida and Latoya Angola

My youngest daughter is baptized in this community.

Judith Nigeria

I can live and enjoy my faith as I use to do it at home in this community.

Nneka Nigeria

I have been hoping for years for work permit. This community gives strength and patience.

Bahaa Egypt