The pastoral team of the community is getting stronger!

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Since the of October 9 persons of the community have been elected to form the Advisory Council. Here are they listed:
Mr Paul Azike, Miss Frances Bolaji, Mrs Tanja Flemming, Mrs Josefine Heichele,  Mr Kevin Ibeh, Mr Max Nwodo, Mr Oge Ozofor, Mrs Blessing Teya, Mrs Candida Wongo

On the Constitutive session of the Advisory Council of the community  who took place on the 29th  October 2016, the tasks and the prevailing conditions  of the council have been defined:

Definition of tasks of the Advisory Council

  • To plan and to organize feasts and events
  • To take care for the growth of the Community and to look that people are invited to participate
  • “Think tank“ to develop ideas and put them into practise, to motivate the Community members and to do advertisement
  • To be attentive: how can we have such a Community life that people who get to know us want to stay? We want to have an atmosphere that tells everyone that he/ she is welcome
  • Attentiveness for the necessities and needs of members or people in the surroundings.

Prevailing Conditions

  • The period of duty is two years
  • As posts are to be filled: chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary

The elected persons are: As chairperson:
Mr Oge Ozofor
As vice -chairperson: Mr Kevin Ibeh
As secretary: Mrs Tanja Flemming/ Mrs Candida Wongo.

We wish the new elected Council all the best  and a challenging duty period!

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