Annual Programme 2023

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My dear brothers and sisters!

We are living in an unprecedented and turbulent time. The unforeseeable developments of the past months dictate both the societal and ecclesiastical life. Nothing and nobody is spared from these. Many serious and difficult crises and their consequences are competing to outdo each other. There are so many uncertainties that many are beginning to ask: How does one survive in the face of these increasing and persistent problems? How can one still live a decent life under these circumstances?
The situation looks almost hopeless when we consider the many crimes, ongoing violence, diseases and fears that plague our world today. These questions then arise: “Does God still exist?” If he still exists: “Is he really still in control of everything?” Of course, God always exists and has still everything under his control, but we have to reach out to him first, grab his outstretched hands and hold tenaciously unto them.
We must also in addition ask ourselves, what is dear to us as a community of believers? Where and what can we change? What can we learn from one another in this trying time? Changing others is always the easier way to go, but that unfortunately is not the way. We need to develop and foster a strong, selfless and convincing community spirit. This means less of ME and more of YOU. We are already on the right track, but we still have a lot to do. All the same, no matter what we do or say, we must always put our fellow human beings first. Every person you meet daily has an assignment for you. Feel therefore encouraged and allow yourself be inspired and encouraged by your fellow human beings.
We have once more produced a new programme and are already looking to the future with you today, despite everything. All activities and offers that will enrich and accompany us into the year 2023 are included here. I therefore appeal to you to make this annual program 2023 your constant companion.
On behalf of the personnel and volunteers of the chaplaincy, I wish you blessings for the future. Thank you for all your support and appreciation. Stay healthy!
Yours always, Father Vitalis


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